I’ve been supporting clients and businesses with their web development and e-commerce systems for over 20 years. I have around 30 years of hands-on professional I.T. consulting experience. If you need immediate help with your web site and systems, be sure to ask.

Sometimes web sites, e-commerce platforms, and other online technology can spit the dummy, turn to custard, and go belly-up. It sucks, and it can be mighty frustrating. In you earn money through those systems, it can get expensive fast… every minute of downtime can mean increased financial loss.

If you need immediate support with your web site, fill out the form on the left, and let me know. If you’re in North America, you can also send an SMS message to +1 (707) 4743292. Either way, I’ll receive your message within hours, or first thing in my morning.


My rates are typically US$60 to $90 per hour, depending on what’s required. US$70 is the norm.

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