Hosting assistance

Wondering who to host your site with?

Skip the minefield…

Let us help you

Let’s not kid around… Finding a decent hosting is typically not a sunny stroll in the park… Nope…

For many, it’s more like walking through a massive mine-field, whilst it’s hosing down with rain, and you’re trying to dig around for a small pot of gold.

Inspired Earth doesn’t have a massive data centre with hundreds of servers, and we’re not a hosting company.

We’re an end user like you.

We need good reliable hosting for around 20 sites of our own. We need super reliable hosting for the many client sites we manage. Simply put, we’ve spent weeks (literally) finding a few really good hosting companies, suited to different needs. We asked them loads of technical server resource related questions (much to the frustration of some of the companies we investigated).

We hate having to migrate to a new host┬ábecause the one we’re with turns out to be a dud. Thankfully, we’ve only had to switch hosts three times from 1997 to 2016. Migrating is just a pain in the arse that robs us of the time we’d rather put into building our business and serving our clients.

If you’re not already with a hosting company you’re super happy with, or you’re just starting out,

we can assist with getting you all set up with the right solution for your needs.

That’s what we do best.