How can we help?

Realistically? This list would be as long and unique as the list of all the people I’ve assisted with their tech requirements in the past 27 years.

But let’s look at a few possibilities…

  • I can help you identify and quickly learn the best way to do any particular task or tasks with your computer;
  • Troubleshoot technical issues you’re dealing with so you can cease wasting your precious time trying to get the darn thing to work, rather than using it and your time get on with your precious work;
  • Need someone with loads of experience to suggest which software will make your life easier, and your routine tasks more automated? I’m your man.
    It’s all about getting computers to do what they are good at, so you can get on with doing more of what you’re best at;
  • Perplexed about the best way to organize and get the most out of your media collections (music, photos, videos)?
    I’ll happily coach you toward organisational bliss;
  • Been dreaming of setting up a home recording studio, or home video editing studio?
    I’d love to make that easy for you, so you can get on with content product asap;
  • Using remote support software, I can be on-call to walk you through basically anything you’re doing on your computer and need help with. It’s like having you own super-geek right there inside your computer. Only difference? I’ll communicate with you in a way that makes total sense (i.e. no propeller-head speak);
  • … the list goes on. Simply put, if you need any kind of help with making the most of pretty much any kind of device that runs on electricity, chances are at the end of the job well done you’ll be praising yourself for having asked me to help

If you’d like to put Jonathans 25+ years of experience to work for you

I first discovered I had a gift for working as a professional IT consultant in 1987. Astoundingly, I was only 12. I landed a contract to develop a database system for an engineering firm, to help them organise their archive of thousands of dairy factory blueprints.

I’ve consulted for people at home needing basic computer help, through to working in huge multinational companies with over 44,000 staff. For that particular company, I was one of the first people to set up an extensive implementation of wireless networking in New Zealand. That was long before it was called Wi-Fi, and well before most people even knew such things existed.

If you want one-on-one computer support, chances are I can help. I work fast and impeccably, which means you save money. To avoid early brain-death, I strive to get the best results in the least amount of time. With excellent communication skills (I also work as a professional relationship counsellor and health coach) and enough patience to help complete beginners feel good about their tech skills, you’ll find my approach and manner easy to work with and learn from.

We can work over Skype, phone, and/or remote screen sharing. Whatever suits the situation best.

Jonathan Evatt